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Open ,
Friday 4pm to 8pm 

Saturday 12pm to 7pm
Sunday 12pm to 5pm

Our Prices

We take pride in our low prices and believe that it is a key element of our success. 

We charge 5 bucks for 1/2 hour of gaming and 10 bucks for 1 hour of gaming. 

Want to play virtual reality? It'll only cost you 10 bucks for 1/2 hour or 20 bucks for an hour. 

Try our new Virtual Reality Pod. Get taken to a whole new world and feel the impact with vibrations, wind, and other elements that enhance your experience. 

We offer you more bang for your buck than traditional coin operated or loaded gaming card arcades. 





Birthday Party Prices are $250.00 for 1 hour and and extra $100.00 dollars for each addition hour. It includes 2 staff members to make sure all of your guest are well taken care of. 


The Experiences

We offer a variety of experiences and hundreds of games to play. We have gaming PCs,  a huge selection of games for the Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox 1 and Oculus Virtual Reality Systems. With over 100 Oculus experiences alone. 

Our internet connection is blazing fast. Connect to games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends and other online experiences without lagging and very low ping. Get the jump on your competition with blazing fast speeds and take your game to the next level. 

We offer standup virtual reality and virtual reality rides.


We have a full on racing sim with full motion, racing pedals, shifters, and steering wheel with feedback.

We will be launching 1 new experiences this year.

We also host gaming Tournaments, Gamer clubs, Reward cards, Monthly Raffles for free gaming time.

Exclusive Birthday Parties

Book a birthday party with us and get the entire lounge all to yourself. 

That's right, all 16 gaming stations and 2 virtual reality stations. Ever go to other places and have a birthday party only to have to wait in line or mingle with the public while trying to enjoy your experience. Not here !! 

Our parties include 6 medium 1 topping pizzas of your choice and juice boxes for drinks. 

We don't include your mealtime in your gaming time like other places do. Order a 2 hour party and get 2 hours of gaming with a free 45 minutes at the end of every party to eat or sing happy birthday. 

Our Staff

Our staff is very friendly and knowledgeable of the games and systems we have in the store. Rude Jude does not work here, and they never will. We value our customers of all walks of life no matter their race, background, culture, political or religious beliefs. 

We allow our staff to play various games at low charge or no charge after hours to enhance their knowledge of our products and experiences. 

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