We use some of the top rated laser tag equipment in the world. Our equipment provides pinpoint accuracy, with amazing sound and feedback. 

                                                                Competitive Pricing

1 to 4 games $10 per game

5 to 8 games $9 per game

9 games or more $8 per game

                             Our guns feature multiple modes of gameplay and firing options. 

Unique, One of A Kind Arena Built For Lasertag Combat and Nerf Sports

Our arenas unique one of a kind design makes your experience unlike anything out there. We have 3 large combat areas all connected making up one very large play area. 

More Modes- More Fun

Play in one of our many arena modes.

Loaded Team Deathmatch- Now Available Season 1

Loaded Free for all- Now Available Season 1

Under Siege/ Base Defense-Now Available Season 1

King of the Hill- Now Available Season 1

Loaded Snipers Only- Now Available Season 1

Iron Man- Now Available Season 1

Dinosaur Hunter- (Small Kids Only ) Coming Soon Season 1

Last Team Standing (TDM) live stock Now Available Season 1


Capture the flag-Now Available Season 2

Boss Battle- Now Available Season 2



Supremacy-Coming Soon Season 2

Most Wanted- Coming Soon Season 2

Fully Loaded Team Deathmatch- Coming Soon

Full Laser Jacket-Coming Soon Season 2