Why go to Orland when you can get your gaming fix here.

Switch it up gaming lounge is very close to opening at Northfield Square Mall. We will have plenty of games and soon leagues and Esports to keep you engaged. 

The best part is that you won't have to travel and hour to get to us if you live in Kankakee, Bradley, Bourbonnais or any close by towns. 

Our pricing is less than you will spend at a traditional arcade and we carry games that are from today and yesterday for us old schoolers. Located across from Kanzai Japanese Steakhouse, next to Premier Barbershop, Candy and Cakes Icecream shop and Auntie Annie's pretzel shop. There is plenty to eat, and snack on while maybe waiting to get your hair cut. 

Early for your family photo appointment? Stop in and see us. Going to see an R rated movie and don't want to take the kids? Drop them by, and come back after the movie. ( note we are not a babysitting service and cannot stop someone from leaving to get food or go to the bathroom) 

We will however hold your child's seat for the amount of time that is paid for. Allowing them to leave and come back in that time slot.

We hope to see you soon when we open our doors. 

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